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From time Immemorial, India has been known as a land blessed with spirituality that transcends religion. Sanathana Dharma holds that spirituality is the essence of man that goes beyond life, death and belief. By the will of the Brahmam, to NAVAJYOTHI SREEKARUNAKARAGURU was revealed the total reality of human existence. Guru was born in modest circumstances at Chandiroor, Cherthala 90 years ago. After relentless spiritual endeavor Guru completed the mission of establishing the Yuga Dharma of our age to be practiced and fulfilled through the auspices of Santhigiri Ashram. Santhigiri Ashram is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, having branch Ashrams in Cherthala (Janmagriham), Haripad, Kottarakkara, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Sultanbathery, Palghat, Kallar, Kumily, Cochin, Kottayam, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Bangalore and in Delhi.Today, lakhs of Gurus devotees regardless of caste, creed, colour and culture have accepted the Karma and Dharma revealed as appropriate for our Yuga by Guru.

Having established the mission, Guru merged into Primordial Conscientiousness Adisankalpa in 1999, leaving disciples to carry on the work of Santhigiri Ashram under the leadership of Gurus chosen disciple SISHYAPOOJITHA AMRITHA JNANA THAPASWINI.

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Spirituality transcends life, death, beliefs and customs. The awakened soul discovers creation in all its aspects to transcend to the ultimate plane of consciousness or God Realization. This conscious, experience-enriched, realization (anubhavam) constitutes the essence of spirituality.

At Santhigiri Ashram, Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru has rediscovered this reality and revealed a way of life and worship suited to this Age -- Kali Yuga Dharma --which is distinct from that of the past ages (Satya, Treta, Dwapara Yugas).

In Kali Yuga, human beings have the possibility of full awakening or realization. For this, they need the guidance of a Guru who has transcended to the highest spiritual stage and is a Trikala Jnani (One who can see the past, present and future). This alone helps in spiritual advancement and not religious dogmas and rituals, whose efficacy ended with the previous yugas.

When Gurus words are followed, the disciple experiences them as Truth. Thus the revelation: "Word is Truth,Truth is Guru, Guru is God".

Thus,the spirituality of Santhigiri Ashram is based on Guru-Shishya (disciple) relationship.

Guru demystified spirituality for the layman and the aspirant, lifting the veil of secrecy and confusion thrown over it by the rites and rituals of organized religions. Making a clear distinction between religion and spirituality, Guru revealed that for the evolution of the soul it is essential to practice the right mode of action (Karma) and worship (Dharma) relevant to this age (Kali Yuga Dharma) and not to get sidetracked by lesser and deviant worship practices which can trap the soul in an abyss instead of uplifting it.

Guru, who started His spiritual journey as a practitioner under the Trimurthy system of Hinduism, gave it up during the course of His advancement. Following His spiritual attainment in 1973, Guru got all matters conducted only as per the revelations and directions from the Supreme Light of the Almighty.

'Pithrushuddhi' or 'Gurupooja' (cleansing of the ancestral manes and the deities worshipped by the family) is a unique spiritual karma that the Guru was authorized to perform following His attainment.

Numerous families, suffering from the consequences of pithru dosham and aradhana dosham (errors in ones ancestral lineage and worship practices) have been saved by the performance of Gurupooja at Santhigiri. Conducted by a designated, spiritually evolved disciple on Gurus directions, without any rites or rituals, this great karma involves the invoking of Gurus intercession on the astral planes to purify ancestral souls and deities worshipped by the family.

Following this purification, children free from pithru dosham and aradhana dosham are born into families, resulting in greater punyam (virtue) and bhagyam (luck) in their lives. Over generations, this would lead to the cleansing of the entire gothram (family lineage). This also paves the way for the birth of high souls into families.

Guru envisions a spiritual and cultural renaissance in the world through the birth of such purified progeny and high souls.

As per the ancient Indian Cosmic time scheme (confirmed as correct by Guru), a period of creation is called a Kalpa. 14 Manvantaras make a Kalpa. Each Manvantara consists of 71 Chaturyugas or age-quartets. The four Yugas in each age-quartet are the Satya, Treta, Dwapra and Kali Yugas. We are at present living through the Kali Yuga of the 28th Chaturyuga of the 7th Manvantara.